Kate Whitfield - About the Artist

​​I have a broad range of interests but there are a few common themes that crop up throughout my work such as: structure, repetition and data analysis. My most recent work combines my two passion of art with sport creating screen prints of rugby matches. I would describe these pieces as self portraits, because the information that has been included in them has been collected from, and by me. I also feature is the photos, so although it is not a direct representation of myself, it portrays who I am which, I believe, in a self portrait is just as important as the figure.

​Through print making and paper cutting I aim to examine the use of data in todays society and how it can be interpreted in different ways. By making it more visual it makes it easier to understand for a larger audience.

A common material used consistently in my work is plain white paper. I have always loved the simplicity of paper and the diversity of the material. It makes a great basis for any of my pieces whether that be origami, print making or paper cutting. It always leaves me with a clean finish that allows the work (and therefore the ideas) shine through. Print making has always been a preferred method of making, it is a quick and precise way of making a piece which enables me to decide quite quickly whether it will work long term or not. I use print making as an outward way of thinking, if I am ever stuck I use printmaking to work through it and to generate a lot of work to quickly work through an idea.

When making my work I always think having a strong idea behind a piece is key for me, a good context makes a good driving force for me to create better more creative pieces, without an initial idea I find it very difficult to make work. My process is that I will search subjects that interest me and then land on something that I want to learn more about, I will then use my artwork to explore that in a different way that may not have been done before.

Lately I have been focusing on the idea of data analysis, this idea has spread into a more broad range of ideas through my work to more specific data collection of sporting game data. On a lower level I have always been interested in data analysis, without really realising that this is what I was doing in work such as the 'Body Language' Series. I used the video data of hand movement that I collected and projected this as a moving line to show a conversation in a different way compared to the usual projection of words. I have processed this idea and taken it to a new level with my '80 Minutes (1)' piece where I still have the continuous line but it represents movement on a pitch during a match as apposed to hand movement during a conversation.

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” – Carly Fiorina